1. Click HERE to get started

2. Select "Wholesale Member" rather than "Retail Customer" (this is the cheaper option!) You do not have to sell oils! It simply means that you get your oils + a 24% wholesale discount for the year. 

3. Choose a starter kit! The Premium Starter Kit is the most popular kit as it comes with 11 of the most commonly loved and used essential oils - this is how I got started! Select a diffuser - note: the Dewdrop and the Desert Mist diffuser are a favourite but if you're wanting to pay a little more - the Aria and the Rainstone are incredible! 

4. Click yes I would like to enroll in ER and earn free products - this is your monthly wellness box! It is hands down the best way to start in a non-toxic lifestyle 

5. Click yes I do want to use PSK as first ER order - you will get 10 points back from your kit! 

6. Select 'customise your monthly order' and add in 50 PV worth of products. I recommend the thieves household cleaner & thieves laundry soap - don't worry. You wont get charged for this until the following month and you can change its processing and contents right up to the day before its due to process. 

7. Save your monthly order and click next!

8. Enter your details and create a username, password, and pin.

9.  Pick a shipping method, enter your payment details then activate and checkout! 

10. Your kit will be on it's way very soon! Stalk your postie! 

I will be notified once you sign up and be in contact with you shortly! Don't be shy though! If you're wanting to connect send me an email or jump over to my Instagram account (@raisingbabywilliams) and say hello! By signing up you’ll be joining a community of people to support you with your oils and how to get the best use out of them. You will have gain insights through free e-books, webinars, and private Facebook groups. You can also connect with like-minded people and gain access to the most beautiful resources to ensure you get the absolute best out of your Young Living products.